'IMAGO DEI' PRIME International Email June 2022

Do you know our next Finance Officer?

We are looking to recruit an experienced Finance Officer to join our Operations Team… Anticipated 6 hours a week to be taken between Monday and Friday by arrangement Salary £11.32 per hour + optional pension scheme (£20,000 FTE)  PRIME in common with many charities, holds funds in a number of restricted and designated funds as well as a general fund. We already have well-established financial and reporting structures and processes in place and currently use Quickbooks Online software. PRIME is essentially run electronically with a minimum of paper correspondence. The position therefore inevitably demands sound knowledge and experience of accounting practices and legislation and a high degree of computer literacy and familiarity with databases, online banking and email. The post will be based in the PRIME central office with support from the Operations Manager and the PRIME Treasurer. The individual may opt to work either in the office or remotely following a period of induction with oc

'Some Key PRIME Principles - PRIME International Email May 2022'

'The fragrance of roses' - PRIME International Email - APRIL 2022


PRIME Annual Accounts and Report, 2020/2021 now available

  This year has been a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty for all people, organisations and charities across the world and PRIME has, of course, been no exception. Overseas training events ceased and our overseas partners have been dealing with the pandemic in their countries, many of them with far less resources and more pressures than we have had in the UK. Many partners have, themselves, become unwell with Covid and the after-effects of long Covid. At least one has lost their life to the virus. It has been humbling to see the sacrifices many have made to make sure their patients receive the best care possible at huge personal risk.PRIME itself has seen change. John Caroe who has chaired the PRIME board since the charity was established, has stepped down and you will see a new name at the bottom of this report. The Trustees are very grateful to John for his work over the years as Chair contributing his experience of PRIME from the very beginning. We are delighted that he ha

PRIME International Email - March 2022 - What Is Your Motivation?

“Any questions?” “Yes…. What is your motivation for teaching us?” “Ok ..Now would all the tutors on ZOOM like to answer….?” My answer to the question was something like, “There is a universal need for palliative care throughout the world and I will listen to and teach those who wish to hear. I am motivated by my faith.” This was a question from a 3rd year medical student in the Islamic University of Gaza. It was a question in the final summary session after 5 mornings teaching case based palliative care to 140 students. It was on a Cairdeas online programme, involving several PRIME tutors each in a personal capacity.  My fellow tutors on ZOOM were from, Uganda, South India, Scotland, England and Tennessee. Each of my Christian colleagues responded answering similarly from four different continents. We had covered topics of pain, fear, depression, gunshot injury, amputation, dignity and communication and compassion.  We had not explicitly said we were all Christians although some had sh